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New website launch

Hello and thank you for finding my website and reading this.

This will be a fairly short post, but I have decided that I can't put it off any longer and that it's time to publish my new website and on-line shop.

I'm not pretending it's completely finished but it's at the stage at which I could keep tinkering away with it, changing and adding things, but as I know that often problems and things which aren't right don't really show up until you start using a thing I have decided to take the plunge!

There is a comments box, as well as a contact form and links to the usual social media and I would be grateful for any feedback - but please make any criticism constructive. I don't pretend to have great skills when it comes to IT so there may well be a few (hopefully lot more than that) things which aren't quite right.

The shop has got stock in there - but this is just a start and more will be added, so please take a look and remember that most designs can be personalised if you want a different colour, length, fitting etc.

So bye for now, thanks for reading and if you like what you find here why not like and follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - there are links on each page and the name is the same for each, Gillis flowers - and yes, I KNOW there should be an apostrophe but the sites tend not to like these!


A flock of origami cranes.

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