Ethical policy

Brand values

Values and ethics were important to me during my teaching career and have become more important to my business.

This page lays out my ethical policy for Paper2pearls. It is a statement of where I am now and where I am aiming.

Prior to writing this I have spent time researching and also thinking through where I stand, especially when it comes to choosing natural over synthetic.

This policy will be reviewed at least annually to ensure it stays up to date and is fully reflective of my brand.

Natural, sustainable, recycled 


I source my supplies in a number of ways including the following:

  • Charity shops

  • eBay

  • Etsy

  • Swapping items with other jewellery makers

  • Independent suppliers of seed beads and seed beading materials.

  • I buy Japanese or Czechoslovakian seed and other beads as these are produced to high environmental, and health and safety standards.

  • The pearls I buy are from two companies who visit the farms they buy from and so know they have high environmental standards.

  • The precious metals I use are from two British companies with clear ethical policies in place.

  • As soon as it is economically viable for me to do so I will use eco-or recycled silver in my products. Before buying from any new supplier I check their ethical policy. 

Materials and making

Most of my jewellery will be made using recycled, vintage or natural materials. This may include the following:

  • Old books (ones that have come, or are close to to the end of their life as being suitable for reading).

  • Vintage and recycled beads and embroidery threads.

  • Natural materials including flowers, wood, beetle wings, seeds, silk thread and cultured pearls. 

  • I aim to use the minimum of synthetic products as these are byproducts of the petrochemical industry.

  • Ones I do use are varnish and resin in my paper jewellery, and synthetic threads, base and backing fabrics for my seed bead embroidery. However I continue to look for natural or recycled alternatives.

  • I work from home in my own jewellery studio at the bottom of my garden.

Packaging and delivery


I am proud to have been awarded plastic free champion status for my packaging which includes the following:

  • Hand folded origami envelopes made from recycled and unbleached paper.

  • Business cards made from plain card so they can be recycled and the use of QR codes to replace business cards at craft markets.

  • Ensuring any paper used for gift wrapping is recycled and unbleached.

  • Gift boxes are sourced from a company that makes these from recycled cards.

  • Currently I am sending some products out in synthetic velvet pouches but as soon as my stock of these is finished I will be replacing them with either organic cotton pouches or ones made by recycling plastic to produce fabric.

  • Most items are posted in postal approved corrugated Kraft card boxes.

  • Where I do need to use a padded envelope the majority of these are recycled from ones I have received. I do have some "old style" Jiffy envelopes to use up but once I have done that I will replace them with eco-friendly versions or the boxes mentioned above.

  • I use natural raffia, jute and brown paper tape to secure and seal packaging and parcels.

  • Mail-order items are sent via Royal Mail.

Plastic free champion award