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These beautiful vintage rose earrings have a secret that they don't reveal until you look closely, they are in fact made from genuine vintage sheet music and have been finished off perfectly with a vintage artificial pearl. Each of these earrings will be unique not only due to the paper used but also because each is individually hand folded and shaped before being varnished to bring out the tones of the vintage paper and add a delicate shine. Once this is done two matching vintage artificial pearls are selected and fixed so they hang daintily from the bottom of the earrings adding a touch of movement and making the perfect finishing touch to these dainty earrings.

Easy to wear and perfect as a "go to" pair of earrings they would also be perfect from vintage themed wedding for the bride, bridesmaids or even flower girl, and they also coordinate perfectly with items such as my vintage rose crown.



  • Each of the paper roses has been given several coats of waterproof sealer and varnish to add shine, durability, strength and water resistance.
  • The paper and beads used are from genuine vintage stock.
  • They will come carefully wrapped in a hand folded origami envelope which is then packed inside a postal approved large letter box.
  • They come on sterling silver hooks.

vintage sheet music rose drop earrings

SKU: 234
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