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Repurposed paper hair comb made from the pages of a vintage copy of Pride and Prejudice.


 This decorative hair comb features three hand folded origami recycled paper leaves which have been enhanced with the application of some coloured gilding wax.

Each one of these will be unique as the print placement will be slightly different on each. 

Perfect for anyone looking for a boho hair accessory or an eco-friendly gift.



•    The leaves have been firmly attached to a silver coloured metal hair comb measuring 7 x 3cm and the decoration measures about 10 x 3cm.
•    The origami leaves have been given several coats of varnish to add shine, emphasise the print on the paper and add strength, durability and water resistance.
•    The hair comb wrapped together with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the book used.

Pride and Prejudice repurposed book leaf hair comb

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