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This piece of paper origami jewellery has been made using paper taken from a vintage copy of Pride and Prejudice.

I love taking the paper from books that might otherwise be thrown away and giving it new life by turning it into beautiful and original pieces of recycled  paper jewellery such as these tiny rose drop earrings.

Each pair of these earrings will be unique due to the paper used as well as the fact that as I hand fold them all individually each will be slightly different. The paper, although delicate has been given several coats of varnish which strengthens it as well as enhancing the beautiful light golden colour of the vintage paper.

These earrings would make the perfect gift for so many people, not just those who believe in recycling but also for any book lovers.



  • The paper used in the earrings has been given several coats of good-quality waterproof varnish to add shine, strength, durability and water resistance.
  • The earrings come on sterling (925) silver hooks.
  • They come carefully wrapped together with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the book used making them ready to gift.
  • Each purchase buys a tree for our Mother Earth.
  • Price includes UK p&p.

Pride and Prejudice dainty rose drop earrings

SKU: 274
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