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These beautiful Victorian style earrings have a real vintage feel to them thanks to the antique silver tone base together with the use of paper from a pre-loved copy of Pride and Prejudice.

The use of paper taken from a pre-loved copy of Pride and Prejudice, combined with the fact that each rose is individually hand folded means that each pair of earrings will be unique in its own special way.
Whether you yourself are fan of Jane Austen or are buying these as a present for someone who is, these earrings will be appreciated and are wonderful way to show how much you love reading.


  • The earrings have a length of 3 cm (approximately 1 1/4 inches)
  • They come on sterling silver hooks.
  • They come wrapped together with  a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the book used meaning these earrings come ready to gift.
  • The paper elements are finished with several coats of good quality waterproof varnish giving them shine, strength, durability and water resistance.

Origami Victorian style earrings for book lover made from Pride and Prejudice

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