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Book lover or book murderer?

Am I a book lover or a book murderer?

As a lifelong reader and book lover, I often feel torn between two groups, bibliophiles who treasure books for generations, and those who give new life to books in creative and unexpected ways. On my bookshelf, you'll find a mix of inherited books, much loved childhood favourites, while in my jewellery box you’ll find rescued books transformed into unique creations. In this blog post, I'll share my journey as a book lover who sometimes doubles as a book "murderer," and why I believe it's essential to find the middle way.

Preserving History: Inherited books One of the most treasured volumes in my collection is a book that's over a century old and was awarded to my great-grandmother in 1902 . It's like holding history in my hands, feeling the pages that have passed down through generations of my family, each of whom has written their name in it over the years.

Nostalgia and Childhood Favorites On my bookshelf, you'll also find beloved childhood classics like Winnie-the-Pooh and an illustrated copy of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. These books hold a special place in my heart, and they've been passed down through my family. I've shared these stories with my daughter, just as my parents did with me. They may be worn and well-loved, but they are a source of nostalgia and a connection to the past. I have a selection of children’s classics in my range including Winnie-the-Pooh so if you want to find if your childhood favourite is included just check out my Children's Classics section.

The Sorrow of books that fall apart

I've earned that sometimes, how ever careful we are, well-loved books, especially modern paperbacks do not last forever – especially if they are one that are regularly reread. Pages become loose, covers fall off, and spines break. It can be sad to see your favourite books falling apart with each reading, but shows how much they've been loved.

The Unavoidable Fate of Most Books The reality is that most books, when they outlive their usefulness or their marketability, face an unfortunate fate as they are hard to recycle due to how they are made, the glue and stitching used to hold them together, in fact many local recycling schemes won’t take books for this reason, sending them to landfill instead. In the centres that do take them they are often pulped to create low-grade paper products such as packing paper or toilet roll.

Rescuing Books To reconcile my love for books and my aversion to waste, I've found a unique way to give old, worn-out, or unwanted books a new lease of life by turning them into something beautiful that celebrates our special bond with the books we love.

Turning Books into Treasures I turn these rescued books into handmade jewellery, and gifts. The pages are carefully crafted into intricate designs which often use origami in their creation, and give them a new life. Each piece becomes something unique, something that reflects the bond we have with those books that have a deep meaning or connection for us. I believe it pays homage to the stories and knowledge contained within the pages.

Conclusion The debate between book lovers and book "murderers" will continue to spark discussions, but I firmly believe that both perspectives have merit. My love for books drives me to protect their history and pass down cherished stories. But it also compels me to rescue and transform books that would otherwise face a bleak fate as pulped paper. It's a way to celebrate the written word and ensure that even in their transformed state, these books continue to bring joy to people's lives. Book lover or book murderer, it's all about respecting the written word and sharing it with the world in our own unique ways.

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