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  • Unusual Handmade Jewellery Uk | Paper2Pearls | Peterborough

    Paper2pearls is an environmentally friendly range of jewellery and gifts made using paper from old books and sheet music. I make all my jewellery by hand using paper taken from old books and sheet music combined with origami to create something truly unique. ​ With the selection of much loved classic novels and the range of genres available in my book jewellery collection I make it easy for book lovers to be able to wear something made from a book that resonates with them. ​ Paper2pearls has sustainability at it's heart and you can find out more about this in my sustainability audit. Shop now Photo credit Sustainability Audit Book jewellery Earrings, pendants, chokers, bracelets and rings mad e using paper from the book of your choice from my range of over 15 titles. Sheet music Choose earrings, pendants and more all made using genuine vintage sheet music. Bridal and hair accessories Headbands, clips and bridal rose tiaras all made to order in your choice of book from my range or sheet music. About me At Paper2Pearls I make my very original range of jewellery using paper instead of gemstones. I've always been a naturally creative person and after an early retirement from teaching due to health and disability, I had to say goodbye to my beloved patchwork and quilting. However, I discovered a new creative outlet through origami and a lightbulb went on - why not apply my new skills to create unique and beautiful paper jewellery? And so, Paper2Pearls was born in 20I6. ​ Although I began by using origami paper over time I became drawn to the idea of using paper from old copies of classic books. I am proud to offer a range of handmade, sustainable paper jewellery and gifts that are unlike anything else on the market. The nature of what I make means that every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. I sell my creations online as well as at markets, and you can also find them stocked at Unity (in the Queensgate Shopping Mall in Peterborough). Whether you're looking for a gift for someone special or a unique accessory for yourself, Paper2Pearls has something for everyone. Gilli ​ Photo credit: SBS award In 2017 I won a Small Business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis. The photo shows me receiving my certificate in 2018. Plastic Free Champion This is my Plastic Free Champion trophy - appropriately enough made from wood. This was awarded by Surfers Against Sewage after I completed an audit to show how my business was taking steps to avoid using plastics. Blue Patch I am very proud to be a member of Blue Patch, the top business directory in the UK for sustainable businesses. As part of the application process I submitted my 2023 Sustainability Audit and will be using their tools to help me reduce further the carbon footprint of my business. Ecologie As part of my commitment to making my business a more sustainable one I joined Ecologi at the start of 2022. While I initally bought a tree for every order, to avoid having to raise my prices for 2024 I will be funding a tree for every £20 spent and will purchase a minimum of 25 trees a month. To visit the Paper2Pearls wood please use this link. ​ Reviews Read my Trustpilot reviews here Trustpilot reviews Read my Etsy reviews here Etsy reviews Keep in touch Email Facebook page Instagram Threads Subscribe to keep up to date and for exclusive offers and discounts Email Join Our Mailing List Thanks for subscribing, an email has been sent to the email address you gave asking you to confirm this. If you don't see it please check your Spam folder.

  • Sustainability glossary | Paper2Pearls

    Green glossary This is just a brief glossary of the most popular terms used. I’m including it here as I strongly believe that having an understanding of what they mean helps when making choices and makes it harder for companies to use greenwashing (don’t worry, that one will be included) to bamboozle us. ​ Eco-friendly This is not the best term to use as it isn’t very specific. It refers to things that don't harm the environment but is open to interpretation and does not mean the same to everyone. ​ Environmentally friendly This refers to minimising harm to the environment by aiming to help improve it and making as little impact on it as possible. ​ Ethical An ethical business demonstrates integrity and fairness. They are transparent about their business practices and policies. Businesses with these qualities have loyal workers and customers. ​ Green A green business is one whose products do not cause significant harm to the environment and in fact may even improve it and the health of humans. It is a very wide term and its meaning is similar to that of sustainability. ​ Greenwashing This refers to businesses that deliberately aim to make it appear that their products are environmentally sound when this is not the case. This is often done through how packaging is designed to project a "green" image and making misleading environmental claims. ​ Recycled This refers to a material that is collected and then processed back into the original material or a new one e.g. plastic bottles recycled into polyester filling. ​ Repurposed Repurposing turns an item into something completely unrelated to its original purpose, for example turning DVDs into jewellery. ​ Reusable Self-explanatory, an item that can be used for the same purpose many times as opposed to a single use version, e g. A metal water bottle rather than a single use plastic one. ​ Sustainability This refers to a business that causes none or minimal damage to the environment. This means it also seeks to maintain or improve the environment in the longer term and so importantly will not have an adverse effect on future generations. It has three aspects to it, as well as not harming the environment a sustainable business should also have a commitment to social and economic benefits. ​ Upcycled This refers to something having value added to it while keeping it in its original form. One of the most popular uses for this term is with old or vintage furniture which has been painted or has had other decorative effects added to it. ​ Vintage An item such as furniture, clothing or home decor that is at least 30 (or sometimes 20) years old.

  • Links | Paper2Pearls

    My links On this page you will find all my links as well as my contact form. Just scroll down. Website and online shop: Facebook: Instagram: Email: Contact me I want to subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks for submitting! An email will be sent asking you to confirm this. Submit

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