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Putting on my armour

When I had a "proper job" I had to dress a particular way for work so one thing I am doing now is reviewing my wardrobe as I need fewer smart/professional clothes and more casual/relaxed clothes. 

What I wear for work now depends on how I'm feeling, if I am working at home or if I have an event such as a market. I love the freedom of this. If I'm having a rough day I may stay in my pjs and dressing gown for most/all of the day, I might put on a pair of comfy jersey wide leg trousers, shirt and my "poncho" cardigan or I might put something else on just because I feel like it.  

More than ever what I wear each day has become a form of self expression, and more than ever I can dress to suit myself. What I have learnt is how much I use clothes (and jewellery), to ready myself for the day, highlighting a facet of my personality, in the same way as an actor dressing for a role. I love this freedom. Some use make up, preparing their face before they face the world. I use clothes and jewellery as my armour. 

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