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Being  honest

Well I was always told that honesty is the best policy and I have to admit in terms of blogging about Gilli's flowers it's true.

Initially I tried to hide the fact that I am a disabled crafter, partly because I didn't want to feel that the local groups I applied to join were making judgements about my work based on the fact that I am disabled rather than the quality of what I made. 

If I am honest it was also about acceptance on my part of how things have changed for me and how to some extent when making my jewellery and selling it I can feel almost "normal" for a short time at least.

However it did make blogging a bit difficult as I had to hide things which meant some of my earlier blogs were a bit stilted. When I finally wrote a blog about being disabled "Yes I can" I got a terrific response.

However I have now "come out" as it were.

I have gained the confidence that people buy my pieces because they like them rather than because they feel sorry for me. 

This is a short blog, one of my difficulties is with fatigue and what with my proper job teaching children with reading difficulties three days a week, the cold damp weather which my body does not like, and getting ready for a couple of Christmas markets I am having to be careful to pace myself. On top of that my laptop is playing up, my tablet is charging so I'm using my phone and my left hand has decided that it's not going to hold it anymore ! 

Lots more to tell you but that will have to wait until next time. 

Bye for now


My new display . 

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