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Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”
When I started designing my range of Edgar Allan Poe pieces it was a given that my designs would have to include a Raven somewhere.
This pendant features an origami Raven set onto a background of plain vintage paper and in both cases the paper used has been taken from a pre-loved copy of the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe.

So who is this designed for? Well, if you love Gothic fiction in general and the works of Edgar Allan Poe in particular then this is for you. If you enjoy reading dark fiction then this is for you, and maybe even you if are just a lover of birds it might be for you as well.



  • The paper elements have been given several coats of waterproof varnish to add shine, strength, durability and water resistance.
  • Each pendant will be unique due to the materials and techniques being used to make it. The photo is therefore of representation of the pendant and there may be some slight differences in detail. However each will  be made from a pre-loved copy of a book by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • The pendant measures 5 cm x 1 cm (2" x 3/8") and comes on a 45 cm (18 inch) chain. If you wish for a shorter or longer chain simply send me a message.

Edgar Allan Poe raven pendant necklace,

SKU: 194
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