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Lily of the Valley jewellery

So, what started with my folding lots of tiny,3/4 inch pieces of paper sadly not as quickly as in the video which has been speeded up four times as finally ended up as earrings and chokers.

The finished flowers that you see me folding in the video actually measured nought .4 cm in length when finished so roughly3/8ths of an inch. They were really challenging to fold and varnishing wasn't much easier but I'm really delighted with the result.

I love it when the vision I have in my mind of what I'm trying to create comes together in the finished piece of jewellery. The choker I made up here is on black lace but of course could easily be put onto black velvet white velvet offer neither more delicate appearance white lace.

I think this would look beautiful as a set worn by a bride who was having an informal woodland or nature themed wedding offer some bridesmaids. Really they would look perfect for any romantic summer occasion.

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