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Flower of the month for April: The Sweet Pea

Who doesn't love sweet peas? Their wonderful colours and enchanting fragrance.

To me they bring back memories of my childhood, when every year my father would grow them so that my mother could pick them and fill the whole house with their beauty.

We often think of sweet pea colours as being beautiful clear pastels shades forgetting that they also come in dramatic darker shades such as rich maroons.

It was the poet, Keats who first gave them their name Sweet Peas and throughout Victorian and Edwardian England they became increasingly popular.

Of course, in the language of Floraji, they have meanings linked to them

  • Delicate or even blissful pleasure

  • Goodbye

  • Thank you for a lovely time

So, when you've been a guest or when you have just spent time with friends or family and want to thank them, a bunch of sweet peas, or a planter so the recipient can grow their own would be perfect especially if you put in a note explaining the meaning behind the gift.

If you want something longer lasting than you could give a pair of my individually made sweet pea earrings which are available in my on-line shop here.

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