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These recycled paper earrings, made from an old copy of The Great Gatsby show just how stylish recycling paper from an old book can be. The inverted fan shape hanging from a length of chain is reminiscent of Art Deco earrings but being made from paper these are much lighter and easier to wear.

Being made from an old book, means that these earrings will make a perfect gift for book lovers as well as for anybody who likes earrings that have an unusual or quirky design.

Creating my origami jewellery is a time intensive procedure, typically spread out over four days. Not only do I carefully fold all the origami elements myself, but I also ensure that every origami element is well sealed with varnish. The care that I take when making each piece means that when you buy a piece of my jewellery you are buying something special and unique.



  • The paper fans have been given several coats of good quality varnish to add shine, strength, durability and water resistance.
  • They have a drop of approximately 5cm (2 inches).
  • They will come carefully wrapped together with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the book used.
  • They come on sterling silver hooks.

Great Gatsby Art Deco long drop earrings

SKU: 204
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