This pendant is so feminine and romantic. Hanging from a 45 cm (18 inch) rose quartz necklace is a large (3 x 4 cm) rose quartz cabochon which has been prettily set in a hand beaded bezel and finished with delicate pale blue forget-me-nots across the face of the cabochon joined by the daintiest pale green seed beads.


This combination of rose quartz and forget me nots is also a very meaningful one. Both represent unconditional true love and show the person to whom they are gifted that they are always in your thoughts. Those who believe in the healing powers of crystals also believe that rose quartz promotes love of the self as well as of others, friendship, inner healing and feelings of peace, something so many of us are in need of at this time. Rose quartz is also believed to give comfort at a time of grief.


As well as using genuine gemstones with this piece and Japanese seed beads, a sterling silver toggle clasp add the final touch.  However if you would prefer either a more traditional bolt ring  or  magnetic clasp then please ask me and I'll be happy to alter this for you.


This beautiful piece of jewellery together with the message of the forget-me-nots and the rose quartz  would make this a perfect gift to send to someone special and would look stunning with a summer maxi dress.


The pendant will come in a blue velvet jewellery pouch which is perfect to store it in together with an anti-tarnish slip.

Letterbox friendly item.

Rose quartz pendant necklace

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