Smiley cat earrings? Of course if it is the Cheshire cat from Alice's adventures in Wonderland, and in this case he is even happier because he's been made with paper taken from an old copy of that very book.
Carefully hand folded and varnished before his smiling face is drawn on by hand these earrings can truly be said to be unique is due to the way they are made and material used each one is guaranteed to be different.
These cute earrings, just 2 cm (3/4 inch) across are perfect for Alice fans (or even cat lovers) of any age.


  • The earrings are all made individually and so each will be slightly different.
  • The earrings are set on sterling (925) silver studs.
  • The earrings measure 2 cm (3/4 inch) across.
  • They have been carefully finished with several coats of good quality waterproof varnish to add shine, strength, durability and water resistance. However like the Cheshire cat himself (and most other cats) they don't like to get too wet. 

Cheshire cat stud earrings

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