Amethysts are one of the most popular and recognisable gemstones around and in this necklace they are the perfect complement for the fluorite cabochon. The soft purple and lavender streaks across the cabochon look like a landscape, with hills showing above mist, a perfect image since spiritually fluorite is believed to symbolise peace and harmony in the universe. 

The fluorite cabochon has been set in a hand beaded bezel setting and finished with a gentle almost lace like edging and with a combination of amethysts and Swarovski crystal pearls the necklace is the perfect complement to it.

As well as being the birthstone for February many believe that amethyst helps you to stay grounded and calm, and it is also the stone for the 33rd wedding anniversary.

With fluorite reputed to bring good dreams and promote creativity there are so many reasons to buy this necklace pendant.
The necklace measures 40 cm (16 inches) and comes with a 5 cm (2 inch chain) finished with one of the amethysts used in the necklace.

The necklace will come boxed and will be sent by second-class tracked and signed for delivery.

Amethyst necklace with pendant

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