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When two become one

First of all despite the title this blog has nothing to do with the Spice Girls - it was just an appropriate title as this post is about my recent rebranding exercise and my reasons for doing this.

Last year I started a second jewellery brand, Glover and Greenwood Pearls which as the name suggests is very to Gilli's Flowers. In addition the main focus of Gilli's Flowers has also shifted and while I still continue to make my colourful flower themed pieces I have begun to specialise in book themed jewellery and gifts.

So why have I brought these two very different brands together?

The first reason was a purely practical one. When I launched my second brand what I hadn’t considered was that as well as making and listing extra jewellery I was also doubly my workload in terms of social media posts and potentially having to spend out more on setting up a second websites let alone having to keep on top of it. I then decided to add in more work by starting a new Etsy coaching course. I think that most people would find trying to do all that challenging but I didn't really factor in the implications of doing this alongside managing my health problems and trying to keep my fatigue and chronic pain levels manageable. As ever I started off with good intentions, tried to do it all, made myself ill and then just gave up.

So I took some advice and decided that if I bought the two together not only did it give me the opportunity to create some designs that combined both my jewellery businesses, it would also reduce my workload.

The next problem was choosing a name. I started with the idea of 3G jewellery (but dismissed that on the basis that that might be an issue with copyright!), My next idea was 3Gen jewellery still keeping the idea of the 3Gs from the names of my two businesses and then adding in the idea of three generations. I worked with this for a while but it didn’t really feel right for me. I left the it a few months before coming back to it. This time I thought about what I wanted my new brand name to say and tried to think of a name that would lend itself to a logo. I started with paper and pearls but then settled on paper to pearls finally adding in the numeral 2, not just because I liked how it looked but because when I looked to buy the domain name, papertopearls was already taken! So I bought the domain name paper2pearls, set up an email account, and changed over the name of my main Instagram account to match.

I approached Dylan Moore (www.aquadesigngroup.co.uk) to design my new logo and immediately grasped that what I wanted was something that combined elements from the logos for both separate businesses - and he’s now working on the business card design for me. I’m absolutely thrilled with my new logo and Dylan is great to work with (he’s also a fellow #sbs winner).

I’m still working on updating my website and the biggest change is that rather than signposting to my Etsy shops I’m setting up my own shop on it - it’s going to be setup slightly differently but is going to have a wider variety of pieces with some only available through my website.

So, that's where I am so far, and if you haven't already sign up for my newsletter to get an exclusive discount and special offers and competitions.


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