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March flower of the Month: The Daffodil

This is the first of my blogs linked to the flower associated with each month, it's tradtional meanings, legends and lore and even the occasional origami model.

The flower of the month for March is the beautiful Daffodil.

Who doesn't love daffodils? Their golden yellow flowers brighten up many a dull March day and are a welcome sign that winter is on the way out.

Flowerji: Nothing surprising in that it is a symbol of new beginnings and the coming of spring but traditionally in the UK it also means

  • Creativity

  • Inspiration

  • Energy

  • Memory 

  • Forgiveness

It's also linked to what these days is called "mindfulness", so next time you are trying to relax perhaps you could try to visualise a field of daffodils? 

Other countries vary in the meanings they attribute to it but I really like these two

In Wales, If you find the first daffodil flower of the year it might be worth buying a lottery ticket as it's supposed to bring riches to the finder.

And in Arabian countries it's the flower to go to if you want to cure baldness or need an aphrodisiac... now there's an interesting combination of uses! Can't help wondering if there's a link there?

At this point I feel as though I should add a disclaimer, don't take any of these meanings or uses seriously. 

More to follow including why in the middle ages you might not have been quite so keen to see a daffodil in bloom.

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