Glover and Greenwood Pearls

I have a passion for pearls and I want to share that passion with you. As a pearls specialist you can rest assured that I will use my experience and knowledge of pearls to bring you handmade and individually designed cultured pearl jewellery.
Pearls come in an almost bewildering number of varieties, shapes, sizes and colours as well as varying greatly in quality.


So what does this mean for you as a buyer?
I will always be honest in my description of pearls, not just you their size and colour but also in terms of their quality. 

Pearls are not all created equal and as natural and organic gems even the best quality may have some blemish although with top-quality pearls this will be minuscule. Pearls aren't like gemstones that can be carefully cut and faceted to make them appear flawless, it is this individuality that gives pearls their unique character and beauty and it is also one way of spotting fake pearls masquerading as the real thing.

It is the varying quality of pearls that means what may at first appear to be identical necklaces may have very different price tags, but this also means that whatever your budget a cultured pearl necklace is affordable  especially if bought as a special birthday or anniversary gift. 

My product descriptions include a description of the type and quality of pearls used as well as close-up pictures to help you make your choice.

As always, if you have any questions or wish to discuss a custom order with me and just send me an email to

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